The Circle of Notes

FIND CHORDS and SCALES in any Tuning

To find notes for a chord or scale in a particular tuning is all about knowing the right intervals to apply. The circle of notes gives the order of notes on the fretboard of a guitar. This order will stay consistent though the position on the fretboard may move depending on the tuning.

Work out Intervals


Find Chords and Scales

Chord and Scale Intervals.

Chord Abreviation Interval
Major (Maj) 0,4,7
Minor (Min) 0,3,7
Major Seventh (Maj7) 0,4,7,11
Dominant Seventh (7th) 0,4,7,10
Minor Seventh (min7) 0,3,7,10
Major Sixth (maj6) 0,4,7,9
Major Ninth (maj9) 0,4,7,11,14
Dominant Ninth (9) 0,4,7,10,14
Sixth add ninth (6+9) 0,4,7,9,14
Minor Sixth (min6) 0,3,7,9
Minor Ninth (Min9) 0,3,7,10,14
Minor 7 Flat Five (m7b5) 0,3,6,10
Seven Flat Nine (7b9) 0,4,7,10,13
Seven Sharp Nine (7#9) 0,4,7,10,15
Diminished (dim) 0,3,6
Diminished Seventh (dim7) 0,3,6,9
Augmented (aug) 0,4,8
Augmented Seventh (aug7) 0,4,8,10
Suspended Forth (sus4) 0,5,7
7 Suspended Forth (7sus4) 0,5,7,10
Suspended Second (sus2) 0,2,7
Scale Interval
Major 0,2,4,5,7,9,11
Minor 0,2,3,5,7,8,10
Harmonic Minor 0,2,3,5,7,8,11
Pentatonic Major 0,2,4,7,9
Pentatonic Minor 0,3,5,7,10